A World Vision in Tanzania


What an exciting day!   We got in last night and crashed hard after grabbing dinner at the hotel.  Since we got in a day earlier then the rest of our group, we had a day in Arusha to check out the local community.

One of the things we did is stop by the Tanzania headquarters for World Vision.  As you may know, we are big supporters of World Vision through their child sponsorship program and our fundraising efforts for using this trip here as a platform.  We went by to drop some gifts off for our sponsored child and to chat with the officials there on how they are helping families throughout their great country.  Let me tell you from having now gone on location, your dollars donated to World Vision span far and wide.  One of the sponsorship officers, Regina Zegega, spent generous time with us explaining the organization structure here (see her pictured with Jeff and I in this post).  They have 67 offices just in Tanzania with 5 zones.  Each zone is made up of several ADPs (area development programs) that tackle the needs specific to that area.    One example of an ADP would be educational classes that teach the locals about agriculture that is core to starting their own farming.  One large initiative you may want to read up on is called Secure the Future, which is part of the food and agriculture fund we have been fundraising for, and is so near and dear to my heart.   World Vision is very organized here, and is well-revered in the community.

I asked a local Tanzanian man what the people thought of World Vision and he said have helped so many families.  He went on to say that they have helped Tanzanians the most because they have the infrastructure to adapt to the changing needs of each region unlike other large organizations on location.

So thank you once again for all those that have partnered with us to equip families here to feed and sustain their own families.  Haven’t joined the cause yet?  Follow our fundraising link on our blog homepage.  Your money will be well spent!

On a separate note, we greeted our mountain guide and all the rest of our group this evening as they arrived at the hotel tonight.  There seems to be many lives meeting at this place and time for a reason here.  And we set out on Saturday morning!  Needless to say, no more long blog post here.  See you on the mountain!




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  1. Angela and Jeff
    Glad you made it safe and had a day to acclimate to the new time zone and explore. Have a great climb!

  2. That is so cool! World vision is such a great organization!!

  3. Harrison Quigley

    Very cool, Ang. You’re making a real difference!

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