Day 1 Camp 1

What a great first day on the mountain.  It did rain most of the 7 hour trek up 4,000 vertical feet, but it made for a nice, cool climb.  We drove into the Machame Gate around 9am and were climbing by 10am.  The entire group did a stellar job as we all went up at our own pace. The plant life here is amazing, unlike anywhere else. Everyone so far is doing well with altitude.  Tonight we are camping at 9700 feet.  As I type this in our tent after an awesome group dinner, it’s nice and toasty in our tent.   Our group is already forming strong bonds.  The dynamic amongst us all is like a family that has been together forever.  Great day, even better start than anticipated.


At the Machame Gate


Dining tent at lunch today


Our first camp. Very foggy from rain.


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  1. Yayyy!!! I hope your tents were more waterproof than in CO! Maybe the weather will get better as you ascend! Love the updates, keep them coming. Aren’t those porters worth their weight in gold? Love hearing from you guys!! Blessings…Kathryn

  2. Donna Carrigan

    Awesome tents photo! I’m often reminded with the trip to the Amazon that these areas of the world would not be designated “rainforests” unless the name fit. Watch for mildew and everything else is great.

  3. Rosemarie Ambs

    Nice to see you all smiles as you are about the climb Kili. Mom, Hannah and Evan

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