Day 4 Lava Camp & Day 5 Arrow Glacier Camp

We had another super scenic hike with views that seemed out of this world.  We hiked up to Lava camp at 14,600 feet, and this is where we are having to dig deep to keep going.  We are really feeling the altitude now – sore muscles, nausea, headaches and fatigue.  Our friend Chrisie came down with a bad virus and she is descending.

Even with the struggles, Jeff and I along with a couple others hiked up the infamous Lava tower.  It was a 30 minute steep hike up lava rocks with a couple scramble moves.  It was invigorating!

This is it now.  I am writing this the morning after our camp here and are now heading straight up to Arrow Glacier camp around 15,500 feet.  It is from here that we will leave in the middle of the night to set out for the summit.  We’re giving it everything we have in order to stand at the top of Africa.  There are so many emotions, extreme fatigue and doubts interchanged by feelings of inspiration and gratitude.  Our next post should contain pictures of us on top!


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  1. Sounds incredible. Enjoy the adventure.

  2. Dearest Niece, I admire you both so much. Bless you for what you are doing and for taking it as far as you can. Stay safe amd we love you. Aunt Judy and Uncle Bobby

  3. Sounds like a remarkable trip! What is the update on Chrisie?

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