Jeff & Ang at the Grand Canyon, June 2011.

Jeff & Angela Lemond have joined the MVX Grand Kilanjaro Expedition set for August 14, 2012.  Follow them on their journey to physical training, spiritual exploration and then the day to day experiences once they get to Africa.  Jeff & Angela have been married for 11 years and have 2 children – Hannah, 8 and Evan, 5.  They live in the Dallas, TX area, but long to live in Colorado someday.

About Jeff:  Jeff is a Commercial Real Estate Portfolio Manager and a Due Diligence Team Lead at Beal Bank with an MBA and MA in Economics.  Jeff has been quoted as saying he loves the outdoors as much as his wife, Angela.  He is the big push behind the couple’s outdoor adventures as he feels really close to God when in the mountains.  Jeff has already been ramping up his workouts by quick outdoor runs and crazy long hours on the eliptical and stair climber.  He has even been seen wearing his mountain boots in the gym!  Personality-wise, he’s very purposeful, methodical and logical in his decisions and demeanor.

About Angela:  Angela is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian working in private practice.  Angela loves food, nutrition and being fit.  She’s passionate about helping others raise healthy families in very practical ways.  Among her favorite things to do include spending time with God, her family and being outdoors.  Running is by far her favorite way to stay in shape, but realizes that cross training and strength training is a must in order to get prepared for the climb.  This climb is going to take her so far outside her comfort zone, so please help encourage her as they get closer to THE date!  Personality-wise, Angela is a task master, always going and blowing.  Give her something to do and it’s done.


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